In recent years, state-of-the-art genetic analysis technology has revealed the complex but fragile biodiversity of microorganisms that colonise our skin.

On our skin, they form a beneficial ecosystem - the skin microbiome.

Read here about what exactly this is and how you can bring your skin microbiome back into balance.

A world of its own

A brief introduction to the complex world of cutaneous microorganisms.

Up until just a few years ago, researchers regarded the skin's biofilm as an inert, passive entity. Recent findings demonstrate just how wrong this assumption was. The microorganisms on our skin are constantly interacting with it. Ideally, the microorganisms that populate your skin are balanced and varied enough to create an intact ecosystem. A well-balanced microbiome can promote healing, lower your skin's pH and even acts as a personal trainer for your immune system.

It is important to note that our microbiome is as unique as our fingerprint – because there are a whole host of factors that influence its composition. This doesn't just come down to whether you live in a big city or on a farm, for example. The condition of your skin (moist or oily), your age, genes and lifestyle all play a role, each one constantly changing your microbiome. As a result, you would even find entirely different ecosystems within a family.

Everything in balance?

Unfortunately not.

Many lifestyle factors upset the balance of our skin's microbiome, starting with our morning skincare routine. Some species die when exposed to a soapy lather, while others can better tolerate surfactants. This leads to an imbalance of the microbiome. Under optimal conditions and on healthy skin, the microbiome is able to recover quickly from these disruptions. But recent research shows that dysbiosis is not the exception, but rather the rule.

Dysbiosis directly impacts the health and beauty of our skin and our daily skincare routines. Because no matter how good the formulations and active ingredients of a cream may be for your cells, your skincare routine cannot achieve optimal results if your microbiome is not in balance.

What creates an imbalance in your skin's microbiome?

  • UV light: alters the DNA of microbes.
  • Surfactants: deprive fat-loving microorganisms of food, raise your skin's pH, which in turn weakens many useful bacterial strains.
  • Pollution: alters your skin's surface structure and weakens the skin's barrier, thereby altering microbial  colonisation.
  • The wrong skincare products: weaken or stress your skin and therefore the skin's microbiome as well.

Back to Balance

The revolution – customised skincare like never before thanks to pro microbiome.

Given the many aspects of our modern lives that endanger the symbiotic balance of our skin's microbiome, this recently discovered protective layer needs our protection. This is where REVIDERM'S latest innovation comes in:

Our new line of pro microbiome products helps keep the delicate ecosystem of the skin's microbiome in balance with customised solutions.

At the core of these products is a highly effective, synergistic microbionic complex. Unlike other skincare products that target the skin's microbiome, these products don't use just one approach, but instead leverage the three most promising approaches: probiotics, prebiotics and communication hackers (the active ingredient blocks the communication signals of pathogenic microorganisms, thus preventing harmful biofilms and bacterial virulence). In addition, and this is also a first, the products are available in three indication-specific formulations concentrated according to need. And there's more: for even greater customisation, these pro microbiome products contain a variety of postbiotic ingredients specifically tailored to your skin's individual needs.

Briefly: pro microbiome is

  • uniquely composed 
  • synergistically effective 
  • concentrated according to need 
  • individualized

The products: pro microbiome is the first microbiome skincare range with three carefully formulated products that specifically target the microbial conditions of oily, dry and ageing skin.

Application: pro microbiome is designed as an add-on product and can be combined with an established skincare routine. In the morning and evening after cleansing and toning, mix 1 pipette stroke of pro microbiome in the palms of the hands together with the day or night cream and then apply to the face and neck.

The goal: The microbionic complex together with the postbiotic active ingredients promote balance within the cutaneous microbiome of oily, dry and mature skin in different ways, thereby taking skincare tailored to the conditions of your skin to a new level.

A bit of background


In the field of cosmetics, probiotics are not living bacteria but fermented products, i.e. the products produced by microorganisms. Probiotics function as a personal trainer for the immune system. Studies have shown that their influence activates the skin's own protective mechanisms and boosts the skin's natural defence processes.


Prebiotic compounds feed the beneficial microorganisms while pathogenic microorganisms are unable to metabolise them. This increases our skin's resistance to environmental influences and diminishes the resulting stress on our skin (e.g. occasional itching, flaking or red spots).


Postbiotics are bioactive compounds that probiotic bacteria produce when they consume prebiotics (dietary fibre). The properties that have been observed in them suggest that they can help improve the skin's health by enhancing specific physiological functions.

Communication hackers

Communication hackers block the communication signals of pathogenic microorganisms, thus preventing harmful biofilms and bacterial virulence.

Available at your REVIDERM Cosmetic Institute soon:

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Cell protection for mature skin

REVIDERM'S innovative pro microbiome aged skin helps balance mature skin and slow premature ageing by restoring the microbiome. The product's unique microbionic complex and other ingredients are specifically tailored to meet the needs of ageing skin by:

  • restoring bacterial diversity of the skin
  • boosting antioxidant cell protection to prevent the loss of moisture and the appearance of wrinkles
  • leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple
  • helping keep your skin healthy and resilient

Self-help for dry skin

REVIDERM'S innovative pro microbiome dry skin helps balance dry skin and maintain moisture balance by restoring the microbiome. The product's unique microbionic complex and other ingredients are specifically tailored to meet the needs of dry skin by:

  • restoring bacterial diversity of the skin
  • stimulating ceramide production to reduce water loss
  • helping maintain a fresh, youthful complexion
  • preventing premature ageing of the skin

A fresh start for oily skin

REVIDERM'S innovative pro microbiome oily skin helps provide lasting relief from shiny skin and inflammation by restoring the microbiome. The product's unique microbionic complex and other ingredients are specifically tailored to meet the needs of oily skin by:

  • restoring bacterial diversity of the skin
  • helping maintain the soft and even appearance of the skin
  • protecting the skin from harmful impurities
  • keeping skin clear for a bright, even complexion