Cosmetics that understand your skin

Dominik Bauermeister, REVIDERM CEO:

"A radiant complexion and fine pores - at REVIDERM we understand what makes healthy and beautiful skin stand out. Together with leading dermatologists, our specialists have been developing products and care concepts since 1986. They are perfectly tailored to your individual skin type and particularly well tolerated. To achieve this, we combine medical research and technology with highly effective cosmetics.

With our advanced equipment, dermocosmetic products and treatments, we improve and refine your skin's appearance on a long term basis. Our deep-acting peeling with microcrystals is a particularly gentle and at the same time effective treatment. As a pioneer in the field of so-called microdermabrasion, we have established ourselves as the worldwide market leader. This is how we ensure long-term successin your results-oriented skin care." 


Dermocosmetics: modern skin care meets personal consulation 

All skin is unique. That's why REVIDERM focuses on a holistic skin care concept:

  • In depth diagnosis: With our computer-assisted skin analysis, we find out exactly which care is best for you. 
  • Individual adviceWe work with around 10,000 specialist cosmetic institutes and skin specialists from more than 50 countries worldwide. They are trained by us and pass on our many years of experience and cosmetic know-how to you. 
  • Targeted treatment: Each application is precisely adapted to the condition and needs of your skin. In this way, you achieve the best possible results with our dermocosmetic products and care concepts.

Dedicated to the health and beauty of your skin: Learn about the REVIDERM company history in detail!